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    Tim Deakin

    Hi Chris/Dave i will put you on the list and good luck on Jura.


    Chris Blackett

    Helen and I will be joining your meet
    Plan to arrive Thurs / Fri 24th and will leave Tuesday 29th
    Campervan and hook up if possible please


    Trish Murray

    Hi Tim,

    Me and Julian plan on coming… camping … so only special requirement is sunshine!

    Also keen to do the Old Man of Stoer … should anyone else be interested???



    Maria Goggin

    We’ll be there -in our non-campervan van. Richard is planning on packing the Seahawk if you prefer a sea crossing to a tyrolean!


    Sue Street

    Hi Tim

    I’m coming Saturday to Saturday in my campervan. And my brother will be arriving the second half of the week to camp.

    Really looking forward to it.

    Sue xxx


    Trish Murray

    aaagh a sea crossing to a tyrolean. As long as there are none of those pesky mynydd with a camera 😉


    David Kirsfelds

    Oh this black thing with a lens I’m holding…no, er…it’s not pointing at you, promise!

    I’ll be going, Abi isn’t. Looking for a car share on the way up if anyone’s interested.



    Tim Deakin

    Hi Chris/Helen you are on the list with hook up.
    Good to hear from you Trish youself and Julian are on the list with the request for sunshine and no swell for the old man.
    Maria you and Richard are on the list,please pack some Tarragona sunshine.
    Sue good to hear from you,would you like a hook up?I have noted your brother for camping.
    Hi David i have you on the list for camping.
    See you all in a few weeks.
    Cheers Tim

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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