Tarragona Easter Meet

For Easter this year we are off to Tarragona (inland from the Costa Durado and also known to some as Siurana area) – and I’m your Meet Organiser. For general info on the area, this is a good start point http://www.turismesiurana.org/en

Dates: Easter school hols dates seem to be a bit more consistent this year, so Friday 30th to Sat/Sun 7/8th are the official meet dates – but feel free to arrive early or stay longer!
Climbing: There is a ludicrous amount of climbing in the area with over 1000 routes are Margalef alone! The 5 main crags (Margalef, Montsant, Siurana, Siurana Valley, Arboli) of the area offer over 550 routes at 6a or below. For those operating at 6b or 7b or even 8a, rest assured it keeps Adam Ondra happy so you’ll be fine too. Check out UKC for more info on crags above plus other crags Montral and Mussara plus loads of others. Pete O’Donovans guidebook ‘Tarragona Climbs’ is probably best for area.

Other Activities: There are several Via Ferrata including one with exciting Tibetan Bridges taking you to the summit of Montsant. Walking, mountain biking, canoeing/kayaking ‘in the swamp’ (think it’s a lake really!) are all on the doorstep as well loads of walking in Prades and Montsant ranges. For a more restful day you can head to the coast, visit the local wineries, or take in one or two medieval monasteries. The only thing I would advise against is talking politics as this is part of Catalonia!!!

Base Camp: There are quite a few one and two bed apartments and a few village houses scattered across the villages in the region but this area doesn’t provide lots of touristy apartments (as we had in Mallorca last Easter). Having looked at what is available I am suggesting we base ourselves at Cornudella de Montsant which provides the best range of accommodation as well as restaurants, shops, bakeries etc.

My suggestion is if you don’t have obvious people to share with please email me and I’ll match you with others expressing interest in going. Or decide you would like to share with /can put up with for a week, form yourselves into orderly groups and have a look at some of the places below and book for your group. Just let me know who is going & that you’ve booked and if you have any spare capacity in the accommodation booked.




Flights: The closest airport is Reus 45 mins away – Ryanair offer a couple of flights per weeks to there from Liverpool. Next closest, and with a lot more flights and flexibility, is Barcelona. Both Ryanair and Vueling offer flights from Manchester. Or if you wish you could go to Valencia and drive up but that’s is a few hours drive versus about 1.5 hours from Barcelona.