9 Edges Challenge – maybe do one?

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    Kirstin Prager

    This weekend, we should have been heading to the 9 Edges Challenge in honour of Trish Sorrell. So here’s a plan. Why not determine to get out this weekend, rain or shine and whilst you’re there raise a glass, or a water bottle or just your thoughts to Trish? It doesn’t have to be one of the edges. Send photos to Mark W (photos@mynydd.org.uk) and we can post them up all together!

    Whether or not you do get onto the hills you can also honour her memory with a donation to Weston Park Cancer Hospital Charity

    I might run up Shuttlingsloe. It was there on a very slippy snow covered New Year’s Walk that I vividly recall gripping tight to Trish’s arm, feet flailing in every direction as she securely and serenely descended the hill. That was my introduction to micro-spikes (She had them. I did not). I bought some the following week and I think of her every time I put them on and I smile. She was a very special woman.

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