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    Dave Liz Wilson

    Rach- forgot to say, we’ll be in a campervan with a canopy, but we don’t need hookup.

    Phill Hargreaves

    hi Rachel
    Olly and I will be in a tent – hopefully arriving on the 16th, this may change to the 17th but will let you know once we have definite ferry time

    im also on the scrounge for a bag transport over there with some of our gear as we will be coming on the motorbike!, will probably be just be one kit bag with the bulkier/heavy gear in if any could oblige I would be most grateful



    Deborah Marsh

    Hi Rachel
    I am planning to be there on the 26th through to the 6th. With Paul maybe but we will share a tent
    cheers debbiem

    Samantha Rogers

    Hi Rachel,

    Me and my boyfriend Sion will be in Chamonix from 23rd July to around the 6th August, we are just bumming around in our van so won’t need a spot at the campsite, hope to see everyone around and hang out though 🙂


    Paul Justin

    Plan to arrive Monday 18th for 2+ weeks, tent plus hookup.

    Paul J

    Rich Johnson

    Hi Rachel,

    Me Rachel and Oliver will be arriving on 23rd for two weeks. One large (ish) tent.

    Ta, Richard

    Rachael Spraggs

    Ok people I have created a google spreadsheet with the information that everyone has given me.

    The link is on the facebook page – I don’t want to post it here as it’s an open forum so if you can’t check facebook please email me – and I will send you the link.

    There is a “to do” for everyone – please can you double check I have the right dates and information – if there is a box highlighted in yellow I would be grateful if you could provide updated info if possible. The deadline for updates is Sunday 5th June so that the Skye brigade can update. I will then pass on to the campsite. Thanks.

    Rachael Spraggs

    Some information about prices of lifts and first/last lift times is now available here: Thanks to Paul for putting this together. In some cases a multi pass will be better value.

    Rachael Spraggs

    Ok any changes or additions now need to be emailed to me, I’ve submitted what I had to the campsite. You can still view the google doc spreadsheet but probably not edit it (if I’ve done it right).

    Andy Hardy

    I have edited the meet page to show ‘arriving’ and ‘leaving’ dates to match Rachael’s spreadsheet. Any errors let me know

    Phill Hargreaves

    hi all

    I emailed the tourism office re the multi pass lift passes to clarify about overnight (if biviing out or staying in huts) return journeys – this is the reply for info

    A non consecutive days pass will count 1 day off when you use it once on a lift. (Up or down). You can use it as many times you want during a day but if you just use it once it counts like a one day used.

    If you need more details you can contact the lift company who are selling the passes :

    Have a nice day.
    Best regards,

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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