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    Andy Hardy

    Meet at the Roaches Tearoom (under Hen Cloud) at 10 a.m.

    Further details will be forthcoming soon …


    Any more news as to the nature of this?

    Colin Foord

    Sorry about this delay. It is all my fault!
    I actually finalised the details a few days ago and thought I had sent them on to Andy. Catherine’s comment above caused me to check things and thus discover that something had gone pear-shaped between keyboard and ether.
    The full details should arrive hereabouts very soon. In the meantime just plan to be in the Roaches Tea Room on Sunday morning prepared for an active day on crags, moors or bikes. There is no epic competition with mind-blowing maths this year, just incentives to set targets for a full day of activity and fun. See you there!

    Colin Foord

    Andy Hardy


    This year its back to the Roaches area where a wealth of climbing, moorland and fine scenery are conveniently placed in relation to an excellent cafe.
    In a topical change of format linked to the club’s 60th Anniversary, this year all targets must be linked to the numbers ‘6’, ’60’, or ‘600’.
    Just choose your option to ensure a satisfying day and start planning!
    (Make sure that participants at the lower end of the age spectrum have
    a good day by moderating ambitions and employing the usual range of

    The suggested options are:

    1. Select the grade
    you’ve been comfortably leading this year and do 6 routes of that standard.
    2. Sort out a partner for the day and do 60 metres of leading each.

    Reach a location beyond a 6 mile radius from the cafe and return by a different route, including at least one summit or distinct high point. (This could be a bit energetic. If you want a shorter day make it 6 kilometres radius.)

    As above, but 6 high points and at least 600 metres of ascent.

    Road Cycling:
    60 kilometres, including six villages within the National Park, or 600 metres of ascent.

    Mountain Biking:
    Just enjoy yourselves, but stay out of the six A and E units closest to the Roaches.

    Meet in the cafe below Hen Cloud at 10am and start whenever you like!
    No Tee Shirts or Trophies; just a fun day out, with those who succeed being able to smugly eat vast amounts of cake with their 4pm brew back in the cafe.

    This is the last scheduled day meet of the summer season. The object
    is to have a large, friendly gathering with lots of activity before we
    brace ourselves for the rigors of the ‘Social Season’; Winter Walks;
    and the arrival of ice and snow.

    Chris Bowen

    Our idea for the running challenge: we have discovered there exists a recognised five trigs challenge. The route takes in The Roaches, Axe Edge, Burbage Edge, Shining Tor and Shutlingsloe trig points. Now as it happens we will pass the Cat and Fiddle pub where we understand there is another os survey marker so actually it’s The 6 Trigs.

    We meet you at 10am at the tea room, then drive to Roach End and start from there. 21 miles and about 3500 ft climbing. Hope to be back by 4pm! Anyone want to join us? The pace will not be quick….Chris and Dave

    Colin Foord

    What a brilliant idea! As for joining you I’m afraid you are a bit too late asking. – (About 30 years too late actually,) – but we’ll be with you in spirit.
    We are aiming for 60K, (37.5 miles,) on the bikes; cunningly using the Manifold Trail to thread through a few of the hills. Two cafes though – and if we have 3 brews and cakes in each…..

    Colin and Pam

    Chris Bowen

    We had a great day out. Hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as us.

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