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    Liane Lane

    ***Annual Dinner arrangements***
    Sorry for the long message! Most of you will have attended annual dinners in previous years at the Royal Victoria. It will be a little different this year due to the Covid restrictions the hotel has in place to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Guests are required to wear a face covering whilst moving around the hotel, including the reception and bar areas unless seated. For those of you staying on Friday night and using the bar, you should order drinks at the bar and then you must be seated. Seating in the bar is limited but there is lots of seating available in the lounge and other public areas. A risk assessment has been carried out on the 3 rooms we will be using on Saturday evening and they can safely accommodate all of us. Because of the limited space and seating in the public bar where we would normally meet, we have exclusive use of the Gwynedd Room for pre-dinner dinner drinks. This room is on the ground floor at the top of the stairs that go down to the basement. You will need to purchase drinks at the bar and take them over to the Gwynedd Room. Please don’t congregate around the bar unless you are buying a drink. I suggest meeting from 6 o’clock for drinks, although the room will be available for those who wish to meet earlier. We will be taking our seats for dinner at 7 o’clock in the Padarn Suite. There will be a spreadsheet of what everyone has ordered on each table. Please highlight your name on the spreadsheet to assist the staff in knowing what food to bring to each table. There is a bar in the Padarn Suite. We will be moving downstairs to the Dinorwig Room for awards and traditional Mynydd entertainment. There is a bar in the Dinorwig Room. The Welsh Government is giving a Covid update on Friday lunchtime when they are expected to announce the introduction of additional restrictions. In the unlikely event that this should affect the dinner in any way, I will post on Facebook on Friday afternoon. All the usual covid advice applies: don’t attend if you have covid symptoms, inform the hotel manager if you feel unwell during your stay (a hangover doesn’t count), sanitise hands regularly etc. Let me know if you have any questions, either by email or Facebook Messenger. Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend.

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