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    Liane Lane

    Mynydd Climbing Club
    Sunday 6th December 2020
    at 7.00pm

    The meeting will be held online
    A link to the meeting will be sent out to members

    1. Apologies
    2. Matters arising from the 2019 AGM
    3. Officers’ Reports
    4. Acceptance of the reports
    6. Election of Officers
    7. Child Policy
    8. AOB

    Officer Nominations 2020/21
    The Meets Officer intends to stand down. The following nomination has been received:
    Dan Stone Proposed by David Kirsfeld Seconded by Liane Lane

    Any further nominations for this post are invited. They should be submitted by 4pm 8th November 2020, to the Secretary, Liane Lane (e-mail:

    All other post holders are willing to continue in post. If any person wishes to contest any of those positions, please submit your nomination to the Secretary by 4pm 8th November 2020.

    Additionally, anyone willing to become involved with the committee in a general role is cordially invited to make themselves known to the Chairman or Secretary.

    Members will be able to access the meeting link at 6:55. The Meeting will begin at 7 pm sharp.
    Due to the difficulties of running the meeting online with a large number of attendees, it would be useful, but not essential, to inform the Secretary ( in advance if you have any points to raise at the meeting in regard to the agenda items or anything which you intend to raise under AOB.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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