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    Paul Justin

    The BMC AGM is on 16th June and all Mymydd members have the right to vote. There are various ways to do this, including attending the AGM but the easiest may be to use the link in the email you received on 28th May allowing you to proxy vote on line.

    Again this year there is a vote (option A or option B) that can have major ramifications on how the BMC will operate in the future. Last year, in spite of all the ‘noise’ around the motion of no confifidence, only 3% of the membership voted, meaning that a small and active group can have a major influence on how the BMC operates in future.

    Please consider voting – it only takes 10 minutes using the emailed link.


    Jules Lane

    Further info from the BMC, who asked me to pass this on to all members.

    We’re asking all BMC members to vote on our new constitution, and every vote really does count, as we need 75% of the votes to move forward. The BMC has been our nationally-recognised umbrella organisation for over 75 years; it has also evolved over that period and will need to evolve further to remain relevant to the ever-changing demographic and range of activities of our membership. Option A provides a continuation of this evolutionary process, is forward looking, is packed with safeguards to protect the interests of all our members, improves the democratic process, and looks to involve clubs at the highest level.

    We would appreciate it if you could recommend to your club members to vote for option A because it will help us to continue to provide you with valuable support.

    Some members might be asking what they get from the BMC — here are just some of the direct benefits, many of which are funded by Sport England.

    Discounted skills training courses: especially for club members. These courses help club members with skills training, first aid, rescue techniques, and how to take new and novice club members out.
    Discounted officer training courses: especially for club committee members. These Training Days, Clubs Seminars, and Student Safety Seminars support club committee members with running the club network.
    Our Clubs Officer: funded by Sport England and supports all BMC clubs with a focus on how we can help new and existing clubs grow.
    Advice and resources: liability insurance for clubs; specialist guidelines; advice on legislation, child protection and GDPR.
    BMC TV: was set up with Sport England funding. This created a library of skills films, short festival entries and the multi-award-winning Operation Moffat. Without Sport England funding, very few of these films would have been made, and we are applying for continued funding for more skills films.

    How to vote
    All BMC members have been emailed a personal code to vote. Check your email (and spam filter). If you haven’t got the email, fill in the form here:

    More info
    Find out more about the AGM, the options and the voting here:

    BMC Clubs & Huts Seminar

    The BMC Clubs and Huts Seminar will be taking place on Saturday 16th June (before the AGM) in Kendal. To find out more and register for your place please go to

    Thanks for your support.


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