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    Jules Lane

    Hi all – we recently received the email below from the BMC and I thought it would be useful to share in case anyone would like to attend the Peak Area Meeting (on 14th Sept in Glossop) or the General Clubs meeting on 6th referred to.

    BMC rebranding – engagement with clubs

    Following my email of earlier this week I am writing to draw your attention to the update article as posted on the BMC website yesterday, see:

    There has been a strong reaction to the idea of rebranding the BMC as ‘Climb Britain’ and we have now announced there will be a period of discussion and feedback in advance of the next BMC National Council meeting on 17 September.

    The next BMC Area Meetings take place between 1-14 September and each meeting will be attended by one or more members of our Board of Directors (I will be attending at least six) who will explain the rebranding process and take questions. Most of the dates are already established (see: but do keep an eye out for changes and updates. It would be great if you could encourage your members to attend these meetings and contribute to the debate.

    The BMC also intends to hold a meeting specifically for club officials on Tuesday 6 September at a location to be fixed once we know where the demand is coming from. If your club would like to come along to such a meeting I would be very grateful if you could drop me a line to confirm the name of person who will be attending.

    Dave Turnbull

    Jonathan Prager

    Shouldn’t the club embrace this opportunity and also rebrand? Our name suggests that we are always’climbing’ in Wales. As the consultation exercise by the BMC has shown this will deter most people from joining. Perhaps we could be called Climb New Mills with a strap line to show what we do – something like climb grit, climb Peaks, climb the walls.

    Kirstin prefers a simpler ‘Hills New Mills’.

    Perhaps we should have an EGM to discuss this in August – during one of the day meets on 20/21?


    Colin Foord

    Maybe the BMC should go for ‘Climb Anything Anywhere Anyhow’. (?)

    In the same spirit, perhaps we should show due acknowledgement of where we meet on Thursdays; so ‘The Royal Climbing Club of the Peak District’ could be considered appropriately descriptive without being too ostentatious…

    (I now expect to be dodging thunderbolts from Her Majesty at Buck House, and Their Majesties the Founding Fathers for even daring to jest about such things.)

    Come to think of it, I quite like ‘BMC’.


    Without spending time reading up on this, it’s not obviuos to me why climb Britain would be a lot better than BMC.

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