Bonfire and Logging meet

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    Dave Liz Wilson

    Bonfire and logging meet
    Looks like there will be a really good attendance at the meet, so it should be great fun. Attendance will be somewhat over the hut capacity. Whilst quite a few people will sleep in their vans, it would be prudent for later arrivals – certainly anyone arriving Saturday, to bring a tent just in case the hut is full. There are tent spaces in the garden, on the green patch near the hut door, and on the flat area behind the high swing.
    Whilst we will use the farmers field for parking, please avoid camping in the field.
    If unsure about where to camp, please find me or Dave Wilson and we can point out the camping spots.

    Deadline for letting us know your meal requirement is Tuesday as the cooks need to shop. We cant guarantee a meal if you are unable to let us know by Tuesday and the kitchen will be in full use cooking for the roughly 50 currently expected attendees.

    Should be a memorable weekend. Fingers crossed for weather.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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