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    Kirstin Prager

    Hello All!
    The committee met together this evening to discuss (amongst other things) whether and how we could begin evening meets in any format. Sadly, we concluded we couldn’t yet although we will be keeping a constant and active eye on it.

    It is not, in these strange times, our role to encourage or discourage you from getting out although we do stress that if you do choose to go climbing, you should follow the law and should keep the BMC guidance firmly in mind – especially if you plan to climb with someone not in your household. I’ve copied the bullet points below.

    We also recognise that a number of you are getting out and about, either to crags or to the hills. We’re also getting back to work and other more normality of life. As a result instead of weekly things to do on a Tuesday we’re asking you to keep in touch. If you’re getting out climbing within your household or are hill walking, feel free to post on line – maybe show us what you’re up to on a Tuesday?

    If anyone else is up to the challenge of putting together a fiendish quiz or fancies challenging everyone to something please send your ideas to me or to David Kay and we’ll get them posted for ad-hoc Tuesday fun.

    Herewith the guidelines:

    For those climbing outside of your household group, the previous advice, plus the following applies:
    Limit group size to a maximum of two: there will be numerous challenges in staying 2m apart from others and these need to be planned for in advance.

    Avoid needing spotters: whilst bouldering, pick problems which don’t require spotting and carry extra mats if needed.

    Avoid using your mouth: when clipping ropes or placing gear

    Bottom roping: should be possible to manage very effectively whilst keeping 2m apart from your partner.

    Belaying from above: stance management is more challenging as the second climber will need to pass the leader on topping out. As you should both be climbing well within your limits and communication is less of a concern, consider belaying back from the edge, increasing social distance when topping out.

    Multi-pitch routes: will be difficult to manage whilst maintaining 2m apart from your partner. Whilst not impossible, climbing them will require advance planning, good local knowledge of routes so you can pick those with large stances and/or developing more complicated new techniques.

    Think about equipment: do everything you can to minimise sharing. For sport climbing, each climber taking their own quickdraws and rope and stripping the route after each ascent, will enable both partners to avoid sharing equipment. For trad climbing, consider taking as much kit as possible and using it in batches.

    Follow manufacturers advice on equipment cleaning and quarantine: wash clothes on the highest possible temperature recommended by manufacturers. Quarantine shared equipment in a dedicated area for as long as possible.

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