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    The RSPB has been in contact regarding keeping an eye out for moor fires at Dovestones – the full message is as follows:
    “Hello, I’m writing to your club as the new Fire Ranger for the RSPB at Dove Stone, responsible for getting the message out to those who might visit the site about the risks of fire and what to do if they see anything. Whilst we are out watching and patrolling as much as possible, having informed members of the public is hugely valuable, especially those whose activities might get them out and abut to spots with different views of the area. I was hoping that you might be able to pass on to your members the information, which I can also send over as a document if helpful, and if running any meets at/near Dove Stone specifically remind them of what to do on the day. In a nutshell we’d appreciate everyone visiting to keep an eye out for fire, smoke or risky behaviour, and report what they see- using 999 in the case of fire, significant smoke or especially dangerous behaviour (e.g. BBQs in long, dry grass). If any members are interested they can also sign up as a formal fire watch volunteer to log the hours they keep a look out whilst walking etc, or to come on patrol and chat to visitors with RSPB staff as a fire ranger volunteer. We’d also be keen to know if your club regularly uses the site, so we know what hours members of the public who have had his message from us are likely to be around and keeping an eye out. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like more information, and thank you in advance for helping us to get the message out- it can make a huge difference in the fight against wild fires Many thanks Corrie Porter-Young RSPB Fire Ranger”

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