Ennerdale WIld Camping Meet 12-14 July

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    Jack Gilbert

    Pillar Wild Camp Meet
    12-14th July 2019
    A remote, complex and epic crag, Pillar inspired some of the earliest pioneers of Lakeland climbing: Make your pilgrimage!

    Approach: A scenic 2.5 hrs hike from Wasdale Head, Bowness Knott or Gatesgarth Farm, Buttermere. Cycling, or car-relay can help.
    Wild camping: At NY 174 125 there are numerous mini plateaus for small tents, bivouacs or tarps minutes from the climbing with ample water. Bathing spots a plenty in the River Liza below. Beer is available at YHA Blacksail, a 7 km return leg stretch. Real campsite and pub in Wasdale. ,
    Climbing: With three extensive faces of high quality rock and a summit finish, stars abound on routes across all grades pushing 200 m in length. Local alternatives include Steeple, Cove, Black and Spire crags.
    Weather: It cannot be guaranteed, but Pillar holds the sun all day and at 600 m, stays comfortable.

    Find a partner to help carry your food and tent!


    Maria Goggin

    We’ve got it in the diary – fingers crossed on weather 🌞

    Rick Graham

    We’ve got it in the diary too. Pillar never fails to give a good day out. But 2 days in a row!! Can’t resist.
    Rick & Amanda

    Jack Gilbert

    Great stuff. Where are you planning to park?

    Company/coordination for post-trip pub refreshment plans.

    Rick Graham

    The plan is just up the road from Gatesgarth Farm to avoid paying the rather steep daily parking charges. I’ve a feeling that there’s a couple of laybys just a bit up.

    Rick Graham

    Actually, if it looks like we can ferry packs up the road from Bowness Knott then we’ll do that. Probably pack the MTB to run back up again after returning the car.

    Jack Gilbert

    Yep, there are laybys just up from Gatesgarth I’ve used overnight too.
    Bowness free too, and has the car relay option; as you suggest (as per email) this will only work if the gate is unlocked but I believe it normally is!

    People also dump MTBs in the woods too.

    Richard Waltham

    Bowness Knott, sneaky car-trip up the foresty track (ever locked?), dump sacks, draw short straws for who drives back, parks and cycles back in (unencumbered with load).

    “Letting the Va<strike>i</strike>n take the Strain”!


    P.S. As I compile this it looks like somebody has removed my Html privileges. I’m not to be trusted, obviously!

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