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    Paul Justin

    At the AGM we will discuss a proposal to make the Mynydd Facebook Group ‘public’. Some explanation to the background for this:

    The Facebook group has proven to be very popular and is more heavily used than the website forum. However, many club members do not use Facebook and we want to ensure that they do not miss out on club information. Whilst we try to ensure all ‘official’ club topics are posted both on the forum and Facebook, the majority of member responses tend to be on Facebook so forum users dont get to see these, or to see topics that individual members choose to post on Facebook only.

    We have been looking at ways to show a feed from the Facebook group on the Mynydd website so that non-Facebook users can still see what is happening in the club Facebook group via the website. However, we have a technical obstacle.

    Today the Mynydd Facebook group is ‘closed’, meaning that only users who have asked for and been granted membership of the group can see and post content. It isn’t possible to show a feed from a closed Facebook group on a website. The proposal is, therefore, to make the Mynydd Facebook group ‘public’, meaning that any Facebook user can see the content and who is a member. However only members will be able to post to the group, and these will still need to be approved by the group administrators. This will enable us to show a feed from the Facebook Group on the website for the benefit of non-Facebook using members. It will also enable prospective members searching on Facebook to get more of a feel for what the club does.

    The Facebook profiles of individual club members of the group are still protected by the privacy settings they have set on their own Facebook pages. The administrators of the Facebook group (several committee members) are able to remove unwanted content.

    We recognise that there may be differing views around this, hence raising the topic at the AGM.

    If you are unable to attend the AGM and want to contribute to the discussion, please feel free the respond to this post, or to contact Paul Justin or Catherine Elliott.

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