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    Dave Liz Wilson

    Sorry that Liz and I can’t come this time, but Liz should be in possession of a shiny new hip, which will only be a few hours old, and therefore not hill worthy!
    We have done this twice now, and would say that if you want to traverse both hills, and avoid a technical benightment (too late for pub), you have to start from the far end by parking at the entrance to the Stoop Farm track, NW of Chrome Hill.
    You can leave a car at Glutton Bridge, although the parking there is a bit restricted now, but you should be OK after working hours.
    The Quiet Women should be open for later!


    Those sound like wise words. I shall amend the meeting point.



    Colin Nave

    Kym pointed out that the coming full moon is the biggest supermoon since 1948. See

    What is a supermoon?

    The one in December is also super

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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