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    Kirstin Prager

    David Kay has asked me to to post this week’s madness so:

    First, Congratulations to Jocelyn who wins a hot chocolate or what ever her drink of choice is and also the important bragging rights.
    Frighteningly she, a child, was the only one of you who actually got all the right answers last week and knows to put capital letters for proper nouns (OK Jonathan Prager also got 10/10 but let’s not spoil the story).
    I think we can all learn not to let Jules Lane lead any kind of walking meet – was this an attempt at a virtual navigation award Jules?

    Secondly this week’s replacement activity.
    We wouldn’t normally have a full Moon Tuesday in April but these are not normal times. Don your head torches and get adventuring. You can explore your garden by torchlight, or the attic, or even the understairs cupboard. If you’re feeling very brave and have saved up your daily exercise you could even venture around the block! One more thing though. Apparently this full moon is the pink full moon. So dress appropriately and make the Mynydd proud. As it’s a virtual meet you’ve got all week to find innovative ways to celebrate the moon (although it won’t be as full if you don’t get on with it)
    Upload your photos and videos to the link in lockdown activities in the members area of the website or post them on Facebook if you’re brave (but you risk them going viral…)

    And finally (and not Tuesday) We were supposed to be in Haute Provence this week (c’est la vie!) but there’s no reason why we can’t bring a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to our ‘Beers Not At The Royal’ this Thursday. Pop ‘un petit peu’ of vin rouge, a baguette and maybe some boursin down on your shopping list this week and get in the spirit. Beret and garlic necklace optional. The link to the Zoom Royal is also in lockdown activities.

    Enjoy the madness this week folks.

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