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    Paul Justin

    BMS subscription increase
    Its the BMC AGM in Buxton this weekend – the date of which was announced after we fixed the date of the Tremadog meet, don’t understand why the BMC don’t check out meets list first !

    All BMC members can vote electronically up until Friday midday, you should have emails from the BMC and/or electoral reform service with details if you are a paid up club member.

    One resolution will have an impact on the Mynydd in 2020 – the proposal is to raise the BMC subscription by £6 for all members (staggered implementation, from 1/1/20 for club members), so we would likely need to raise the Mynydd subs by £6 per person from 1st Jan 2020.

    The core reason given is a major increase in 3rd party liability insurance following a £5 million claim on a club as a result of a very serious injury from a belaying accident at a wall. The BMC insurance premium is expected to be £200K higher this year, only part of which can be recovered in subs increases due to timing, and another £50K higher in 2020, so £450K in total over 2019/20. The BMC also indicates that, if insurance premiums are higher again in 2021, they may need to increase subs again. Those with a very basic understanding of maths will be able to calculate that, with 85,000 members, the BMC is also using the opportunity to increase its operational income from members.

    I have posted the BMC background document in the FB post on this subject. If you dont use Facebook, you can follow the links in your emails about the AGM to find the same paper. Its probably on the BMC website also.

    Do please take a moment to follow the links in your emails to read the information and vote on any resolutions that you think are important. The BMC has 85,000 members and only a very small percentage use their rights to vote at the AGM

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