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    Dave Liz Wilson

    We live in a time of breathtaking technical innovation, such as virtual reality, and cloud data storage, so it’s good to see that the Mynydd are right up there with a new concept of their own- the virtual meet leader!

    Admittedly not quite up in the cloud, but halfway there in this mountain camp! But back in LLanberis there was a meet, and three of us were there- Liz, Dick and me.

    Dick had a brisk walk on the Eliders on Saturday, and Dick and I climbed Crackstone Rib with dry rock on the nice day that Sunday was.No Queuing!!

    Liz had hopefully her last day of inactivity, as she is having her hip injection as I write. Wish her luck!


    PS Jules, how did you go on?

    Jules Lane

    Dave, apologies for abandoning you but I despite asking on here twice, no-one said they were actually going, so took the opportunity to camp up by Llyn Bochlwyd, which was marvellous and went up Bristly ridge and over the Glyders and Y Garn on Sat and 3 routes on Idwal Slabs, the Cneifion Arête and Y Gribin to Glyder Fach again on Sunday. Lost my compass in the mist on Sat ! See you in Cham and hope Liz goes on ok..

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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