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    Dan Stone


    5th – 7th November 2021

    Its that time of year again when we can legitatly swing axes and burn stuff without building a reputation!

    Same format as usual but for those that haven’t been before (like me!) we have an active day Saturday chopping, sawing, stacking and generaly re-enacting a diet coke commercial.
    This hard work is then rewarded by a hearty meal and as much beer & wine as you can stomach (bring your own drinks…) before turning pyromaniacs and sitting warm and satisified in awe of the majestic firework display!!

    This is usally a busy meet so space on bunks will be limited (and first come, first served) so its worthwhile bringing a tent (fabric or tin variety).
    Following a quick morning tidy Sunday will be the day to get out for some adventure depending on what the weather and your hangover will permit.

    ***If your’re coming please message me at meets.mynydd@gmail.com saying whether you want veg or meat for the food option and if you’re aiming to say in the bunks or tent. Its always useful to have an idea of numbers for a meet like this.***

    There is usually a modest charge to help cover the cost of comunal food and the fireworks.

    There will be some covid related singage about the hut so please adhere to these notices when with us. in the meantime have a quick nosey out our risk assessment for Covid for hut meets.


    Peter Cowsill

    It looks like I will be going on my own with management following on Saturday.
    Does anybody want a lift?
    Have the usual fireworks been ordered from Darren or elsewhere?
    Is there a lot of wood to split and is the log splitter needed or are we sticking with manual labour to improve fitness?

    Pete Cowsill

    Kirstin Prager

    Log splitter would always be welcome I would think.
    Fireworks all in order I am told. Purchased and setter-offers assigned duties.

    I’m not sure we have anyone currently assigned to sort and light the fire. Dan Stone is in charge of the meet.

    Dan Stone


    Pay attention and read on if you’re coming to BYN this weekend for the logging meet.

    We always ask for a small contribution towards the cost of the group meal kindly provided by Stephanie & Liz and the fireworks that have been sourced by Dave.
    Please bring some cash with you to reimburse our wonderful trio!
    It’s usually about £10 per person with a small contribution for kids but we’ll figure out the exact figure on Saturday when we know what the attendance will be!

    There will be the usual hut fees applicable for those staying over which is £5.00 pppn for members (£3.50 kids) and £10.50 pppn for non-members (£5.00 kids).
    Hut fees to be sent to James via BACS please.
    Sort. 01-05-51
    Acc. 40582787
    Reference. Your Name

    If you’re not yet a member this is the time to pull the trigger and save some money on your hut fees. A £32.00 fee for new aspirant gets you membership until the end of 2022 so jump on board the Mynydd train!!
    Email Jules via members.mynydd@gmail.com to let him know you want to be part of the prestige!

    We’re going to have a big attendance as usual and although a lot of you are staying in a tent or camper there will be a good few staying in the hut so make sure your comfortable with room sharing in this current climate if you’re not bringing a tent.

    They’ll be plenty of experienced members on hand to get everyone organised this weekend but as I’ll this meet leader will be on his first logging meet I’ll leave someone else to stipulate the chainsaw safety procedures!

    In theory without a massive log delivery this year the amount if work shouldn’t be too bad so make sure you are properly prepared with enough alcohol to compensate for the lack of work we may have to do on saturday!

    If anyone has any questions please comment below and I’ll furnish you with the answers.


    Dan Stone


    News report from our voice on the ground Dave Wilson

    “the road from trefiew to crafnant is closed at the bottom. You can bypass this bit by turning uphill about 50 m north of the fairly falls, between the village post office and a church”

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