Long Mynd MTB ride on Saturday

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    Dave Liz Wilson

    Liz and I will be tin tenting at Marshbrook at the SE end of the Long Mynd on Friday night, with a view to doing a short ( and leisurely!) MTB ride on the Mynd on Saturday, setting off at about 10. The ride will involve a ride from Marshbrook up a road, then a forestry track to the gliding club, a ride along the ridge, then a descent down a grassy flank to, probably, Little Stretton, and back.
    If you fancy joining us meet us at the mountain bike centre, near the Station Inn at Marshbrook at 10 o’clock Saturday morning.

    Colin Foord

    Saturday Pre-Dinner STROLL?
    We are aiming to be at the ‘Dog in the Lane’ pub at Upper Astley, (GR532180; SY4 4BT,) when it opens at midday. Then, after a quick coffee (?) have an easy short walk, passing the ruins of Haughton Abbey on the way. Want to join us?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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