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    Dan Stone

    Ok everyone, thought I’d best put some details down ready for all those that’s going to join us on the guided tour of Snakes & Ladders!

    Meet: 08.30 at Bus Stop Quarry (LL55 3ET) and be ready to go. Yes we’re the Mynydd but they’ll be no faffing this morning please! Ideally we want to get off asap to take the pressure of the time and enjoy the day!

    What to wear: Approach shoes or walking boots are fine. There’s nothing that you’ll need climbing shoes for so bring something to dance around on slate screes and maybe waterproof depending on the weather.

    Group Gear: As a group we will need 4 x 60m ropes. This will enable us to have concurrent abseils and ascent lines running so we shouldn’t have too many bottle necks. I’ll bring all the climbing gear we’ll need for the climbing pitch. It would also be highly advisabele to have a bag of sweets in your pocket. Numerous sweets floating around the group is never a bad thing.

    Please comment below if you can bring a 60m rope so we know we’ll have the required number.

    Personal Gear: 1 x harness, 1 x prusik for the abseils, 1 x belay device (and carabiner) , 1 x helmet, 1x headtorch,

    Food: Bring a lunch, a flask and some snacks. If all goes to plan we’ll be able to have a nice lunch break on the upper terrace we’re we had a bivvy a few months back. Even if the weathers less than desirable the banquet hall is there to provide shelter.

    The route should take us around 6 hours to complete and thats at a fairly leisurely pace so we’ll be aiming to be back at the cars for 15:30 and at the Victoria with a pint in hand by 16:00.

    There are oppurtunities to escape from the route early if any one really wants to. There will be a couple of tight squeezes but nothing difficult for anyone and there are also some dark tunnels to walk down (hence the headtorches). Nothing scary or dangerous for you lot though.

    The route includes one climbing section that’s not particularly difficult but is a bit strenuos. I’ll be setting up some aid ladders for anyone that wants to use them though to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the whole route 🙂

    The route includes muliple abseils but all very secure and totally bomber. It also includes many ladder climbs, both up and down. These are less secure and if you refer to them as bomber you’re probably got some of what Alex Honnold has in him. For all ladder sections they’ll be an oppurtunity to be roped up so no one needs to change their trousers mid route.

    Overall its a fun day out and a fantastic way to see the quarries if you’ve not had the pleasure before!

    Please comment below to say if you’ll be joining us and also if you can provide one of the ropes. No need to mention what sweets you’re bringing as long as we don’t end up with 20 bags of jelly babies.

    Derek Peterson

    Dan. I would like to join you if you have room. I have a 60 m rope if you need it. Derek

    Dan Stone

    Excellent Derek, look forward to seeing you there. Throw your rope in the car if you don’t mind and we’ll figure out when we meet if we need it!

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