O goody, its a working meet 3rd and 4th October

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    Dave Liz Wilson

    Aha- it’s working meet time again! Our esteemed hut warden is a little preoccupied at the present- for the very best of reasons- so I have volunteered to run the meet.

    As usual there is a mix of jobs to suit all tastes and capabilities, including:

    Re – roofing the woodshed

    Electrical repairs

    Wood chopping

    Road repairs (sorry!)

    Interior and exterior decorating


    Stile repairs

    Eating, drinking and making merry.

    As ever, a hearty communal evening meal for the Saturday will be provided, let us know if you’re coming so we can cater..

    As always we would plan to leave the Sunday free for sporting options.

    Hope you can come


    Andy Hardy

    Team Hardy will be there, but as usual can’t come Friday, so it’ll be an early start Saturday

    Maria Goggin

    Waligogs will be there – as long as the Irish Sea isn’t too choppy! We’ll be on ferry back from Ireland on Friday next week so will be coming straight to the hut.

    Chris Moore

    I shall be there. Will happily organise and cook veggie food if you want

    James Hoyes

    Rach and I will be there. One veggie and one unveggie please.



    Steph Meakin

    I am coming to work on Saturday, but going to a salsa party in evening, so no food thanks. Steph

    David Kirsfelds

    I’m probably coming. Anyone want to share a lift? I finish work at 3.30pm and can collect from Manchester way.


    Paul Scott

    I’ll be there Friday morning is anybody else going early

    Dave Liz Wilson

    Thank to all that are coming to the working meet- 18 of you in total!!

    Paul, I don’t think there is anyone arriving early on Friday, but we will be there about 5 ish. If you get there early can you look at the anthesite bunker and text me on 07720595619 if we need some to get us through the weekend.
    Cheers Dave

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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