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    Rachael Spraggs

    Roll up roll up, sea cliff climbing, swimming, biking, ice creams whatever you fancy but bring the sunshine.

    Pembroke meet will be at the St Petrox campsite:
    £20 per night with hook up for a campervan.
    £15 per night for a small campervan
    Tents vary from £12 to £20 per night from 2 man up to 6 man.
    Dogs are allowed.

    I need to give the campsite provisional numbers this week. From the facebook poll I have some yes’s and some maybes:

    Yes: James Hoyes, Dan Stone, Colin Nave, Jamie Bedford, Claire Lee, Phil Burke, Steve Bowker, Mike Tempest and Me (and John if he’s over his injury and wants to come.

    Maybes: Jules Lane, Jonathan Ison, Melanie Michon, Patrick Brennan, Richard Kerr, Julian Barber, Nicola Hawkins, Dav JF.

    What I really need now is a indication of the number of tents and vans to make a booking. I will book for the yes’s and add a few on for the maybes. Also for anyone not on facebook, please sign up here.

    Heather Hardy

    your list has possibly been updated since the above, as Andy replied on Facebook. Andy, Ruth and I are interested in coming to Pembroke – one VW campervan (no hookup) and small tent.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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