Remote Scottish adventures via a sailing boat.

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    Jules Lane

    Note below received today from Chris Bashforth who is now based in Stockport. If you want to reply to him via email let me know.

    Dear Mynydd,

    As a member of the Junior Mountaineering Club of Scotland (JMCS), we have for some years been visiting the remote corners of Scotland by boat. We typically visit hard-to-reach places to walk/climb/scramble e.g. Knoydart, Rum, Eigg, South Uist, Corruisk, … from the comfort of a nice yacht.

    And we wonder if this would be of interest to any of your members?

    Trips are typically 1 week, in the £400-£500 range (all in) and no prior sailing experience is required.
    We have many such adventures on Youtube from our 20 years experience and are now reaching out to kindred spirits.
    I’m based in Stockport and recently retired so have more time for these sorts of mini adventures.

    Happy to talk it over or meet up with your group to explore options.

    best wishes
    Chris Bashforth

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