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    Dan Stone

    Fri 9th – Sun 11th July
    With local campsites still being somewhat reserved about groups of people mingling, the Llanberis Pass Camp has been kicked down the road for a few months. Instead, I’m encouraging you all to pack your bivvy or light weight tents and come find a gorgeous spot to drink rum with me and a bunch of mountain goats.
    We will be hitting the playground that is the Dinorwic Quarries for a couple of days of fun with an itinerary that should enable you all to get involved whether you just come and play for the day, manage the overnight, or want to smash a full packed weekend! Come on, what other meet leader is going to give you the opportunity to kip in Australia, California, the Serengeti or even Mordor?!
    The quarries have an abundance of quality routes that will make for an amazing weekend. If you’ve not been before you’re in for a real treat. New members… pay attention!!!
    Get your tick lists together and bring your trad rack and even your clip stick for some of the best routes around. If it’s your first time here you might want to tackle the infamous Snakes and Ladders for a proper introduction.
    For those of you that want to travel down Friday afternoon we will be about on Lake Padarn. Come join us for a swim or play on the paddle boards after the long drive over. The evening could well involve retiring to a local pub or curry house. We’ll be staying in the van but if anyone needs a campsite with facilities then at £10 a night will sort you out. They will not accept groups though so you’ll have to book independently and there won’t be any mingling!
    I can wholly recommend a morning swim in Padarn before hitting Pete’s Eats to fuel you for the day / weekend. Grab those last supplies from the High St. and then head up to the quarries. Parking at the Bus Stop Quarry (SH 59080 61140) for 10:30 if you want to meet us there before walking in (The parking in the lay by on the pass has been blocked off in case anyone was thinking of taking the longer walk in). We’ll likely be around Never Never Land whilst people turn up and then see what everyone’s up for.
    The flatter areas between Australia & California looks as good as any for a decent spot beneath the stars with the added bonus of various buildings being on hand for shelter if needed. In reality theres about a million spots we can pick!
    If you want to come up for the day without staying over then check facebook for updates on where abouts we’ll be. Message me and let me know you’re coming, and make sure you’re not left searching.

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