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    Sonja Bernhard

    Summer Meet Austria 20 July- 11 August

    Go big or go home – this year we will be in the Hohe Tauern, the highest region of Austria, at the foot of Austria’s highest mountain, the Großglockner (3798m). Ok, ok, you Chamonix fans might shrug and say “Na und?” (German for “meh”) and think it’s a tiddler compared to other peaks – but I mention two words: Apfelstrudel. Kaiserschmarrn. Knödelsuppe. (Ok, that was three…) Oh, and it’s a pretty fantastic region with all alpine desires catered for.
    We will stay in Kals am Großglockner in the heart of the Hohe Tauern national park.
    The village is nestled between the Großglockner and Großvenediger mountain ranges and the Schober and Granat ranges.
    It is the village from which the first ascent of Großglockner was completed, so you can tackle the big one if you wish. There are plenty of walks and opportunities for hut to hutting straight from the village, and mountainbiking, too (inc downhill trails with lift transport in Kals). High peaks with glaciers are to be had: Großglockner of course, via various ascents or the Großvenediger (3674m). And there is more: Hohe Tauern has 266 peaks of 3000m plus. There is cragging (Klettergarten in local parlance), the closest ones by the Lucknerhaus and Klettergarten Arnig in the valley, and Falkenstein near Matrei. There are some via ferrata routes, too: one in Kals (Blauspitze), and a few more in adjacent valleys.

    We are staying at the Nationalpark Camping Kals
    The campsite has all creature comforts including hook-ups and is ca 25 mins walk along the river into Kals for supermarket and bank. There is mention of a pizza service on the campsite website, too….The campsite will reserve some pitches and need to know numbers by end of June at the latest. They will do us a special per person rate (which depends on the nr of pitches we will be using), but as a guide, their published high season prices are 9.90 Eur per adult, and 11.70 EUR per pitch. Kids under 6 free, up to 15 years 4.50 EUR.
    Please fill in the Google Sheet with dates, or let me know and I’ll add you.

    Getting there:
    See this page Getting there

    Further info: Very useful info on the region. You can order brochures for free (some English) on crags, huts, mountainbiking, via ferrata in the region.
    Bikepark Kals Overviews of the bike trails in Kals
    Bergfex Info on Tours- the navigation of the site is in English, but the descriptions are in German, sorry… But it gives you an idea what’s there.

    Dieter Siebert: Eastern Alps. The Classic Routes on the Highest Peaks.(Diadem) ISBN 0-906371-54-6 (out of print, but at time of writing was available used on Amazon. We have a copy, too.)
    Allan Hartley: Trekking in Austria’s Hohe Tauern: Venediger, Glockner and Reichen Groups (Cicerone) ISBN 1852845686
    Axel Jentzsch‑Rabl, Andreas Jentzsch, Dieter Wissekal: Klettersteigführer Österreich (Alpinverlag) ISBN 978-3902656186 Comprehensive guide of Austrian via ferrata. In German with English summaries.

    Meets leader:
    Sonja Bernhard


    This pub looks good, it’s a pity it’s 10 miles from the site. Food & drink.

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    There’s a little bit of information on the UKClimbing website.

    Dave Liz Wilson

    Liz and I will be coming- arriving on Wenesday24th, staying until the end (August 8th)

    Sonja Bernhard

    Update on the campsite situation:
    They are extremely chill and don’t need us to book individually in advance. I’ve asked them to keep 15 pitches for us for now, but I will have to let them know if there are any major changes to this.
    So please, if you’re coming and haven’t let me know yet, please tell me or fill in the google sheet. I’ve updated this with the latest info on who and when 🙂 If you are not on there and should be, give me a shout.
    Google sheet

    Kirsten Williams

    Dick and I are planning to be there for a couple of weeks, but haven’t sorted out dates yet – we’ll update as soon as possible.

    Sonja Bernhard

    Some info form Colin re maps:
    “Colin: A bit of detective work has got me further along the road, but unless I get advice to the contrary I think I will take a chance on being able to get maps there.
    The best maps at 1:25,000, (more for climbing to summits perhaps?) would seem to be:
    AV ((Alpenverein) walking editions.
    Numbers 36 and 39 would seem to be very useful, and possibly 40. Number 41 might also be good. (South and East of Kals.)
    Kompass Wandercarte numbers 46 and 39 at 1:50,000 might be good for walking.
    I look forward to seeing what other people think!”

    Sonja Bernhard

    Hello all,


    I am looking forward to seeing you in Austria soon!

    When you arrive at the campsite, just tell them that you’re with the Mynydd.
    It is Nationalpark Camping Kals in Kals am Grossglockner.
    Info on how to get there is here

    I will be there from Saturday afternoon, but Mark and I can only stay till the 27th 🙁

    Ian Nettleton has been super busy and has compiled lots of info on routes etc. I’ve started to translate some info into English (started on the multipitch climbs section).
    You will find it in dropbox and should be able to access and download it via this link:
    Dropbox Austria folder
    Thanks, Ian!

    Sonja Bernhard

    Hello all fellow Austrians: don’t forget that you need to buy a vignette to use the motorways (Autobahnvignette). It is sold in all petrol stations close to the border and at the border crossings, too. 10 days are 9.20 Euro and 2 months 26.80 for cars and vans up to 3.5t. You can also buy a digital version online:

    Rob Pettener

    How do. The link to “how to get to Kals Camping” suggests you don’t need a Vignette to get there from Munich direction. what do you think? Rob P.

    Sonja Bernhard

    Hi Rob, I dunno. My dad said that they have closed some non autobahn routes for non locals, to force people onto the motorway. The routes suggested on the camping website (via Salzburg, or moe directly Kufstein via Felbertauerntunnel (extra cost for the tunnel)) do include motorway. Unless you go Munich- Bad Tolz- Achenkirch, which is all non motorway. We are deffo getting a vignette. Any road, traffic is going to be v busy either way.

    Sonja Bernhard

    We went Munic – Kufstein – Kitzbuhel -Felbertauern today and it was easy. The tunnel is 11 Euro.

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