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    Mark Procter

    The meet will be from Saturday 18th July to Saturday 8th August.
    Please note change from the previously advertised campsite. We will now be staying at International Camping Olympia in Cortina: This is in Fiames which is on the road North out of Cortina and you will likely pass it before reaching Cortina, assuming you drive over the Brenner Pass and across the North of the Dolomites.
    I am still in negotiation with the campsite for a reduced group rate and it would be helpful if you would post here to say you are coming so I can let the campsite know numbers.
    The campsite has wi-fi, bar, pizza, bike rental and a bus into town (3.5Km).
    Please would whoever updates the meets list put the new campsite details on there to avoid confusion.
    Mark P

    Andy Hardy

    Calendars edited (also google calendar kindly provided a link to it’s maps page which I’ve copied into the sidebar calendar).

    Mark Ward

    Hi mark

    Sonja and I will be there from Friday 24th July until Saturday 1st august: probably in Sonja’s parents love wagon, I mean motorhome 🙂



    The Elliotts will be there in a tent 🙂


    Me, Chris, Sue and Steph altogether and for 3 weeksish arriving on the first Saturday evening hopefully! Three smallish/mediumish tents and one camper van.

    Jenny Ison

    We’ll be there in the van from about 22 July hopefully for around 2 weeks or so

    Jules Lane

    Rowan (Ellwood) is a very keen new member. She has already booked flights to / from Venice for this meet.

    PLEASE can someone volunteer to be her contact point when she arrives and do appropriate introductions. She is also coming to the Festival on 20th so it would be great if someone could have a chat with her then too. IT would also really help if anyone could take some of her kit by car / van as she is flying.

    Many thanks
    Membership Sec.

    Ian Jean Read

    Ian and Jean Read will be going. We will be there from 18th, probably for 2 weeks

    Ian Jean Read

    Sorry for got to say, we will be in a medium sized Tent,

    Dan Lane

    Two of us will be there in a small tent each

    Abi Scholefield

    Ian, Laura and Josie will be arriving on Sunday 26 July assuming they don’t kill each other whilst Ian is driving them out there. I am jetting in on Thursday 30 July. We are leaving on around Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 August. We will be in in one large tent or two smaller ones.

    Rowan Ellwood

    I’ll be there 16th til 31st July.

    Wendy Riggs

    Dave and Wendy will be there in campervan. Probably arrive 21st ish (maybe earlier) and stay for about 2 weeks.


    Peter, Jack and I will be there from Weds, 22 July – Fri 31 July, inclusive. We’ll have one medium tent and one tiny pop-up tent. (Peter thinks Jack will be in the tiny, weeny, oh so small, pop up tent!!!). We’d like an electrical hook-up too please. How do we book this?

    Derek Peterson

    Derek and I will be coming arriving around 20th and will need space for a large tent.
    Hope to see you at the weekend. Val

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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