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    Maria Goggin

    Winter Lecture – Alex rodie in Austria and Maritime Alps
    Alex Rodie is the online editor of TGO magazine and also writes for the Pinnacle newsletter whose aim is to provide a better perspective on outdoor and adventure writing. Which means of course he needs things to write about!
    His main love is long distant routes and treks so next Sunday he will outline 2 of his trips to you at The Grouse (co-inciding with the walk which Kirsten is now leading).
    For those of you thinking about the summer meet his trip in Austria may well be of interest. The other traverse is his Mercantour Traverse in the Alpes Maratime.
    If I’m honest I had too look this up as had never heard of it -it is less well know but apparently a bit more hardcore so might appeal to the mountaineers amoungst you.
    The Grouse inn (Froggat/Longshaw) have put aside the back room for us to coinside with the end of the walk or 5’ish for those of you going bouldering etc. I can recommend both the food and its price at the Grouse!
    The talk is due to start 6’sih to ensure early Sunday night finish!


    Maria Goggin

    This talk has been cancelled at short notice by the speaker who is now struggling to get there. Given the late notice on the cancellation (5 mins ago!) I’m not going to be able to line anyone else up in time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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