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    Mark Ward

    For all those on the Torridon meet, you should have received an email from me with arrival times, venue information etc. If you haven’t let me know!!

    That aside, does anyone (especially if not on the meet) have any top tips on stuff to do (in all weather conditions) or places to go? I’ve never been up there before (in summer or winter) so be great to hear from those in the know.



    Mark Ward

    Few extra bits of info that I asked the guardian in Torridon about, including an earlier winter check in time and free wifi!!
    All linen provided, bring own towels or hire for £2

    Yes we take card payments for payments of about £10 or more, less than that is a 50p charge. Local shop does cashback.

    Winter reception is from 4pm but I will be around from 3pm. We will be cleaning the hostel until about 2pm as people will have checked out that morning, so any time after 3 is fine.

    We have had new wifi installed today (free), I had better test it to make sure it works!

    Bike hire: I would email They are closed at the moment but normally reopen for valentines weekend (but the pub will probably be only open thur to sun) I would expect them to be able to provide bikes if they have a bit of notice. Nearest other pubs 7 and 10 miles (sheildaig and Kinlochewe)

    Shop: Local shop/café is wed to sat 10-5. Nearest other shops are 7 miles shieldaig, 10 miles Kinlochewe. Both open 6 days a week. You could also do a tesco click and collect! The van comes to the car park at the Torridon Inn car park on tue and fri (twice on both days 10am and 5pm I think), you pick the shopping up from there.

    See you up there!

    Mark 🙂

    Mark Ward

    And linen provided means duvets and pillows are provided (bring your own towel). Sleeping bags not required unless the kind of bothy related folly that Tim is planning floats your boat 🙂


    For those of you interested in the history of fuselage gulley

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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