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    Dan Stone

    It’s official. We’re back with bang (breeze) this week with our first Tuesday evening meet of the year (in a year?).
    This week we’ll be easing ourselves back into the swing of things at Windgather. A great venue with loads of routes to get us back use to the rock. With the new Covid upgrade rule making all VD’s legitamte VS’s we’ll have an abundance of available.

    A bit of house keeping first!
    Although we do have a restrictions relaxed we still have guidance to follow. Please follow the link below to complete a Covid disclamer allowing you to attend a Mynydd organised meet.


    This only needs to be completed once for the whole season before your first evening meet but its an important one. Get it done now even if your not rocking up this week and we’re ahead of the game 🙂

    Heather Hardy

    I’m not on Facebook, so how do I sign up for each meet? Andy and I are hoping to turn up for the Windgather meet tomorrow.


    Jules Lane

    Heather, I think as long as you’ve each done the form above once you’re fine. Just email meets.mynydd@gmail.com to ensure he knows who attended.

    Dan Stone

    Thanks Heather. We’re expecting further guidance to drop from BMC end of this week after which we hopefully won’t need to be as fastidious!!

    As long as I know roughly who we’re expecting that will be fine so in future a quick comment from Andy to say your both coming will be fine!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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