WINTER BIVVY MEET – – Fri 28th – Sun 30th Jan

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    Dan Stone

    Who says you can’t run a camping meet in January!?
    As promised, this will be the 2nd weekend meet of a hopefully stacked year.

    I’m totally open to where we go on this one and as I’m expecting the keen / dubious ratio to be somewhat skewed in sanity’s favour we can choose a venue based around thouse attending.

    I was initially thinking somewhere North Wales to get the best (worst) of the weather but really up for anything. Romp over the Glyders and a bivvy on Tryfan… anything goes!
    Equally happy closer to home and theres plenty of miserable places in the peak to cut the travel time down!

    Comment below if your keen to come and we can start to plot whilst everyone giggles fromthe side lines whilst sipping hot chocolate!

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    Graham Halsall

    I have suggested Northumberland but travelling is off the menu at the moment so my selfish proposal because it’s close to me, would be a night at Laddow Rocks, on the Pennine Way and can be busy. Friday evening it would be quiet East aspect so any early morning climbing could be in the sunshine ?(if) good reliable stream /spring for water close by.
    Another [local] option could be Wimbley, chew valley. Nothing like as dark as Laddow, the lights of Ringway and Manchester, along with the aircraft reminding you, you could be in the south of France instead of wet and cold. it has a litany of boulders on the walk up or to bivvy by.. North facing so only when bringing up second would you see the sunshine —- on your back
    If walking between the two wilderness gully is passed about the only worthwhile drainage but by then it will be raining heavily and warm, if it does freeze it can be entertaining , Is this one night or two nights?
    Re Comment below if your keen to come if its Rain + rain I’m not

    Dan Stone

    Sorry Graham! Totally missed your reply!!

    We’ve decided to head over to the Upper Roaches for Saturday night. See details below. Shout of you’re keen and I’ll watch out for a reply!!

    Dan Stone

    WINTER BIVVY – Sat 29th Jan

    If anyone has missed the initial post of interest a few brave souls will be heading up to the Roaches this Saturday for a cheeky bivvy under the stars!

    These fine travellers will be arriving from various directions by bike and foot with an eta around 19.00. Come join us if you fancy a brisk evening sipping whisky or rum.
    I’ll be arriving ahead of time and depositing a car and rack before riding back out to be social!

    So if you want to join in the fun you’ve got 3 options…
    1. Feel free to join us for some routes by torch light in the evening
    2. Settle in for the night with us and cosy up under the stars!
    3. Rock up early Sunday morning to get a few climbs in before we head home. Sunday morning arrivals may need to bring bacon!

    I’ll have a full rack, ropes, belays, chalk etc and a few harnesses so all you need to bring is your stinky climbing shoes!

    Graham Halsall

    Dan I had been keeping up to date by looking at face book, so no prob graham,

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