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    Maria Goggin

    Despite the bonus extra Indian summer this week there’s no getting away from the fact that the winter is coming to get us! But at least there is the Winter Lecture series to provide a distraction from the gloom. Every little helps…

    This year we are trying something a bit different and are moving the lecture slot to early doors Sunday evenings. With the club membership being more dispersed, people working away in the week etc. the Thursday slot just doesn’t work for as many people as it should. So I’ve bundled winter walks with winter lectures, and added winter bouldering and we have Social Sundays. Ta dah! You’re nowhere without a bit of branding these days and David does like things ‘badged up’ for his Meets programme! And I did work in marketing for a very long time so I can’t help myself!

    So first Sunday of each month there will be
    – Winter walk (organised by Sue, or her stand-in, as per normal) or
    – Afternoon bouldering session (probably indoors but you never know)
    – Winter Lecture at 6/6.30pm with early finish
    so you can toddle for an early night
    – Eating in between is optional and will be up to yourself to sort! But there is food at the pub so if you do want to eat factor in getting to the pub by about 5pm.

    The first lecture will be Sunday Nov 4th at The Norfolk Arms in Marple Bridge and is titled ‘From Barnsley to Basecamp’ delivered by a couple of fellas who drove there in the 1960’s. More about that closer to the time. Earlier in the day you have the option of a walk in the Dark Peak (wait for Sue’s instructions) or to spend the afternoon problem solving at the Depot Manchester. Food is available in the pub but with no special club arrangements you can eat there or elsewhere.

    Finally, you might have noticed I’m not Steve Bowker – after years of organising them he has bowed out, I suggested changing things – and then found myself doing it! But I don’t have Steve’s contacts and so still have one or two slots to fill. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear from you.
    Ta v much

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