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    Mark Ward

    As the Indian summer slowly evaporates its only natural to let ones imagination drift to thoughts of snow, ice and big days out in the Scottish highlands……thats right folks, winters coming!! Yay.

    This years winer meet is in Torridon in the North West Highlands, a diversion from our usual spots, but one which will hopefully be a welcome change and offer us a whole new world of adventure. We are staying at the SYHA Youth hostel in Torridon, its a large hut with great facilities and while it won’t be exclusively ours we’ll be the largest group there (unless 45 of you want to come and then it will be all ours!).

    Dates: 13th to 20th February 2016. *Note. This is Saturday to Saturday to allow for the extra travel time.

    Cost: £16 per person per night (£112 for the week)

    How to Book: Email me ( and I’ll put you on the list and make an online deposit payment to the club for £56 (or send a cheque to Richard W made payable to Mynydd Climbing Club). Please make the online ref obvious and let Richard know so we can keep track of it.

    And finally, I’ve arranged for there to be several weeks of precipitation and freeze thaw cycles leading up to the meet, followed by stable high pressure (fingers crossed!). Come to Torridon, you know you want to!



    Mark Procter

    Nice one weather god! – Will Richard give refunds if the precipitation, freeze thaw cycles and high pressure don’t line up as you have arranged?

    Mark Ward

    Ha Ha ha, I’m sure that’s absolutely fine Mark….over to you Richard!! 🙂


    I’ve paid my deposit for this, but sadly can no longer make it. Would anyone like to take my place?

    Richard Waltham

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the good advance notice – you’re just in time to flex our booking with the SYHA.

    I daresay there are still others are out there to take your place but we’ll refund your deposit and ask those others to contact Mark to sign-up for this meet in the normal way. (If anybody does contact you direct about ‘your’ place, then please do redirect them to Mark).


    Richard / Treasurer


    Oh, okay, thanks. Simon Ramsay has said on Facebook that he wants to take my place.


    Thanks Tom

    I’ve emailed the address above to confirm a place.

    Happy to share transport if anyone’s got space or wants to share.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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