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    Mark Ward

    Hi all,

    I now have a full complement of axe wielding ice warriors for this coming winters meet in Glencoe. However I’m happy to set up a reserve list (in case of dropout)and there are other options nearby too if required (our hostel has a second smaller bunkhouse which they may offer individual beds in nearer the time if they don’t get a group booking. There is also the Glencoe SYHA just a couple of hundred yards down the road).

    Marky 🙂

    Jenny Ison

    Hi Folks.
    I am in my usual place of trying to scavenge a lift to Scotland. Paul has kindly offered to take me up there, as long as he’s not in Aberdeen on a job, which happens soon!!

    JUST IN CASE…. is there anybody going up on later on Friday evening circa 5-7pm, who has space for one, and is willing to share petrol costs (& can put up with me for several hours)? Even better if I can leave my motorbike locked up in their garage.

    Fingers crossed I won’t need to burden you but just in case……Please email me on


    Ian Jean Read

    Due to injury Ian and I are unable to attend Glencoe. Is anyone interested in taking our place.


    I’ve just got an ok from work. I’d like to go if I can arrange lift share, up Friday pm, down weds pm preferably but I’m open to offers. Driving up alone would release enough greenhouse gas to generate a ‘summer meet’.

    Feel free to flood your offers in below.


    Mark Ward

    Winter meet is now full again. All beds taken!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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