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    Michelle Harrison

    Working meet time is drawing close! 6th – 8th March for a fun filled day of jobs, in and around the hut, to suit all abilities and then a hearty rewarding complementary communal meal followed by a music jam. Out to play on the Sunday! What could be better?! Please let me know if you can come along, and if you would like veggie/vegan or meat dinner!

    David Kirsfelds

    This meet is advertised as a ‘Working & Music Meet’, however the Music element will be postponed to the next working meet. Let me know if you were hoping to bring along and a piece to play!

    Kirsten Williams

    I’m coming, Saturday morning. Veggie please.

    Graham Halsall

    Planning to arrive Friday evening, will bring 2 junior helpers if that’s OK??????????????

    can sleep in van if hut full , one Vegetation

    Dick Williams

    I’m going to come – meat eater.

    Pete Struggles

    Margaret and I will be there, arriving Friday afternoon Omnivorous diet.
    I would have brought something to play.

    Dave Liz Wilson

    Liz and I will be coming- of course!!

    Dave Liz Wilson

    Good to see you Graham. Plenty of room in the hut!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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