Hut Bookings


Please read our COVID-19 page (accessed by the banner above) for the most up to date information regarding hut bookings.

If you do wish to stay in the hut when it is possible during the current pandemic, you must read the new COVID-19 risk assessment. This is the most up to date document of ‘hut rules’ in this time, so please take actions in this document above and beyond the normal hut use rules as given below.

All guests staying at the hut must also print out, initial and date the cleaning checklist on leaving the hut to reassure future guests of their safety.

All visitors to the hut should read and adhere to the following documents:

On leaving the hut, we also ask that groups fill out our Feedback Form so that we can keep the hut well stocked and in good condition for future visitors. Thanks!


Payments should be made by BACS to the Mynydd CC. Hut fees must be paid within seven days of the end of your visit. Confirmation of payment should be provided to Rob P at

Sort code: 01 – 05 – 51

Account number: 40582787