Lundy Meet

Tuesday, 25th September – Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, Meet Organiser: Richard Waltham


This has now happened – and what a trip! Glorious Indian Summer weather. Over 70 routes from the guidebook (& supplement) with around 200 person-ascents (these are a bit like man-days but politically more correct with each one involving one person ascending one route).
See the forthcoming Journal (October) for the full Meet Report)


I’ll pull together a full facts sheet (most of which will probably be posted here but sent in full to all registered attendees nearer the time). In the meantime, here’s some key bits:

As we approach the end of August, the beds available in the Barn are pretty much fully booked (although there is capacity for one extra person for the final three nights only). We already have several people camping – if there are further people interested in this option, it is easiest if you pre-book this yourself with the Landmark Trust. I doubt I’ll update this (second) paragraph again!

The Boat sailings are both from/to Ilfracombe (unless you go out earlier, Saturday 22nd?, in which case you’ll be departing from Bideford!). Price this year is £67 for the return trip. Attendees are asked to organise this for themselves please.

The Barn sleeps 14 people in two ‘rooms’ (OK one of them is mezzanine-style above the Living Room). The Club has been there a few times over the years – it works well.

The shop is so close to the Barn that you might stumble pass it if you trip at the bottom of the stairs down from the door of the Barn. Its fairly well stocked (but yes, a little pricey but everything has to come across on the Boat so help them make it a going concern)

The Climbing is universally fantastic but the most fantastic routes have a tendency to be very tidal. This helps to explain the timing of our booking/visit. Suffice to say that spring low tides are on Thursday, 27th September at 2:12pm (that is BST, not GMT!).

The approaches to much of the climbing are the making of most adventures. We’ll have plenty of Abseil ropes and enough of us have been before to avoid the common mistakes (one of which is needlessly carrying all that gear up and down the Island – who do you think is going to nick it, really?).

The Marisco Tavern is easy stumbling distance from the Barn. They’ll let you run a tab for the entire week and take a credit card at the end!

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch. (


Here’s some links:
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UKC Article. Rob Greenwood has saved me the effort of writing down many of the tricks and tips.
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Ilfracombe Car Parks. Not all of these are Long-stay.