Lake District Camping Weekend – Hartsop 14th – 16th June 2024

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    Jack Gilbert

    Summer rock in the Eastern Fells! Choose your adventures from ranging from adventurous walking and scrambling over St. Sunday Crag, hard rock galore (Raven Crag Threshthwaite or the epic Dove Crag) or more amicable offerings across the surrounding areas (Mart Crag, Eagle Crag Grisedale, Gowbarrow Lower Crag) or stretch further to Castle Rock, Raven Crag Thirlmere, Iron Crag or that dodgy sport venue. I am certain there’s a good couple of quality days to be had for everyone whether that’s climbing, bouldering (see Swarthbeck Gill), scrambling, hiking, fell running (lap of the Hodgson’s Relay, anyone?), cycling or swimming!
    Accommodation: I have enquired with Sykeside Campsite in Hartsop and got the OK for us to go ahead and book as individuals on the condition we don’t mind being separate on the site, and don’t conglomerate in any major fashion. I don’t know how many spaces there are, but as a back-up, there is Side Farm Campsite in Patterdale. I suggest the same group policy applies. Both sites take tin tents.
    Sykeside also has bunk offerings. There is currently at least one available sleeping six. If you’re interested in bunking, let me know and I’ll see about booking it. There are also huts and other accommodation in the area. Sykeside prices are here:
    Pubs in Patterdale and Hartsop. I’ll get at least one copy of the FRCC Eastern Fells comprehensive guide.
    Let me know if you’re planning on attending and your accommodation plans… WhatsApp or
    Look forward to seeing you there!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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