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    Abi Lucas

    There are plans in place to measure up wall spaces in the hut for new photo frames next weekend, and retrieve photos for printing from Mark W in the not too distant future.

    Any other photos you might want to see displayed around the hut should be emailed to me at abi.k.lucas@gmail.com as and when you have a moment.

    Watch this space in a couple of months time as to getting together at the hut and putting bits and bobs up 🙂


    Abi Lucas

    Part 1 of the photo revamp initiative is here! (Unfortunately I haven’t worked out if or how multiple photos can be uploaded onto the forum.)

    Above the large green frames in the lounge at B-y-N there is free wall space. In this space, I would like to put up 6 recent A4 photos which are representative of the diversity of places the club or its members have visited. (NB: all the main frames are and will continue to be full of closer-up photos of club members, so the emphasis on these new 6 photos will be places not people.)

    At the bottom of the 6 chosen photos, there will be text stating the venue and the year. I have uploaded a selection of photos onto the MCC facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/108896032465222/) that have been passed onto me via Mark Ward. Any help identifying the missing info/ correcting the headings I have given there would be great. If you are on facebook, please ‘like’ those photos you would like to see printed, or comment with your own A4 photo if you would like it to be considered. If you are not on facebook but can see the photos, comment your favourites here. If you can’t see the photos, please email me and I will send them to you individually!


    Abi Lucas

    After conversations in Mallorca involving a good cross-section of club
    members, a plan has started to fall into place…

    Most of you will undoubtedly already be aware that the summer BBQ meet is happening at B-y-N June 23rd-25th. If burgers, beer and good company weren’t already incentive enough to come along to this meet, then hopefully the added fun of getting to help put up some new photos around the hut will be!

    I have created a dropbox space full of all the photos I am currently intending to print for the new collages. If you would like the link so you can see what is already in there/ add some snaps of your own, please email me: abi.k.lucas@gmail.com

    If you don’t want to use the dropbox link but still want to contribute some photos, I am more than happy to just be emailed the photos directly.

    A print order will be submitted before we all set sail for Donegal on May 27th. Anything not in the dropbox by then most likely won’t get printed and brought along to the BBQ meet (unless you do it yourself)!

    Please note: none of the photos already up in the hut will leave the hut (unless to be scanned by Dave Wilson for the purpose of having a permanent digital record for the club). Some photos will be shuffled within frames. Some will be transferred into albums. Anyone with any knowledge about the photos that are going into albums is warmly invited to write a little something about them.

    Looking forward to seeing you there,



    Abi Lucas


    Send over all photos that you think are contenders for getting up on the walls of the hut ASAP please!

    (In other news, the A4 landscape prints have arrived and look great. Excited to get them to Deborah tomorrow for framing!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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