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    Richard Waltham

    Happy New Year everybody.

    The proposed trip to Majorca in April, according to the Meets survey, had around 20 people very interested. For once the polls seemed to have some resemblance to reality as I know of at least a dozen who have either already booked or are about to. (OK, I admit it, some of these were planning on going even before it became an official Meet).

    In terms of organisation, its much simpler all round if people book their own flights and accommodation. Most of those booked already have done so for 2-9th April and will be staying in (or near to, meaning walking distance) Port de Pollenca.

    On flights, for these dates, outbound flights between Manchester and Palma are still cheap but they can be expected to rise sharply the following week. This has not stopped some going for longer than a week and you can probably expect a Mynydd presence on the Island right up until Easter itself.

    On accommodation, there is no shortage of Apartment blocks (of varying price) in Port de Pollenca itself but by grouping together the cost of luxury villas (ideal for 6-8 people) will be found to be good value (especially in the earlier week) and somewhat more comfortable.

    Rockfax have published a guidebook to Majorca only last year. There’s loads of Hiking and in recent years its become a mecca for (Road) Cycling.

    [I haven’t come across any definitive commentary on what became of the access issues from several years ago. Some crags are on private land so such problems are unlikely to go away but, more worrying, National Park wardens started trying to charge people to park and, again, to climb, and even to hike. Some of the blogs report that, thankfully, charging seems to have gone away but perhaps not completely. The simple rule, as advised/requested by the local climbers, is not to pay anything if asked i.e. Go and climb somewhere else]

    Contact me by email if you’d like help (but please don’t ask me to be your travel agent!). Certainly let me know if you intend coming and I can publish nearer the time (again by email) details of arrival/departure dates and where people are staying.


    Abi Lucas

    Hi folks,

    Just doing a quick scout to see if any of the more ‘mature’ Mynydd members might share their accommodation with my dad? He’s keen on coming along and doing some walking, but probably wouldn’t want to share an apartment block with us ‘yoofs’. If there are any plans being pushed around by email could you include him on please?

    Thanks in advance!


    Dave Liz Wilson

    Hi Abi, no problem in principle about your dad joining – we’ll be very pleased to have him!
    Things are a bit fluid at present regarding numbers (about 13 so far) and how we will fit into apartments or villas or whatever, but we will do our best to accommodate him, and we will be in touch by email

    If any one else is interested now is the time to say, as I anticipate we will make a choice of accommodation and grouping fairly soon.

    Deborah Marsh

    Hi Abi and Dave I am really interested in this trip and have been talking to Chris about it. I am ha
    ppy to share with any of you guys.

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